Col[LAB]orate Office Remodel

Architecture for Humanity shares office space with like-minded organizations and groups. Our offices are in the South of Market district of San Francisco. We’re located on the second floor of an old commercial building. We have nearly 5,000 square feet of open plan office space. As with everything we do, our goal was to make our new offices as open as possible to architects and designers and others interested in engaging communities in need and volunteering their time and their talents to those who might not otherwise be able to access their services.

If you are in town, why not look us up and drop by. We’d love to see you.


All of us at Col[lab]orate.

A special thank you to all the suppliers, contractors, and building professionals who contributed to this space.

In addition, we are grateful to the many, many professionals, volunteers and others who lent their time and their talents to helping us remodel our space:

Barb Alvarado
Ryan Atchinson
Wendolyn Aragon
Catherine Bailey
Breck Baird
Cynthia Barton
Ann Book
Charles Bosetti
Justin Botros
Riessa Burgess
Caitlin Cameron
Nicole Cassani
Stacey Cedergren
Tina Cheng
Blake Clark
Kevin Clarke
Lourdes Collins
Monica Cook
Nathaniel Corum
Cliff Curry
Melanie De Cola
Felix Des Roches
Maya Draisin
Teal Dudziak
William Duff
Yes Duffy
Joyce Engebretsen
Brian Ferret
Stacey Frost
Eric Gaietto
Marc Pembroke
Robin Petravic
Alex Petrovich
Susanna Pho
Emily Pilloton
Finley Pitt
Nick Polansky
Dannon Rampton
Kate Randolph
Blake Gibson
Julia Glazer
Ryan Grote
Michael Grote
Jim Hackett
Chris Harney
Jared Heming
Damon Hernandez
Ben Hester
Sasha Heuer
Greg Howes
Jennifer Hunziker
Satu Jackson
Adam Jed
Stacy Jed
James Jenkins
Michael Jones
Nicole Joslin
Manuel Juarez
Ellen Keith
Jinney Kho
Rhodes Klement
Julie Knorr
Hratch Krikorian
Kevin Kuske
Joyce Lavelle
Kathy Lee
Wenlin Li
Lulan Artisans
Aaron Lim
Reva Revis
Matthew Ridenour
Kevin Rowell
Rubicon National Social Innovations
Stacy Sabraw
Sheila Samuelson
Tony Sanchez
Ruth Schoenmeyer
Delight Stone
James Ludwig
Lunny Lundstrom
Sara Martens
Lucas Martin
Dana Masad
Melody Mason
Reiko Matsuo
Scott Mattoon
Annessa Mattson
Vikky McArthur
Mike McCaffrey
Nicholas McClintock
Nancy McClure
Purnima McCutcheon
Michael McDonald
Rose McNulty
Mark McPhie
Mike Medeiros
Steve Meier
Ramsay Millie
Taylor Milsal
Melissa Mizell
Beth Morris
Tom Murphy
Sandhya Naidu
Iheanyi Ngumezi
Kimberley O’Dowd
Kelsey Ochs
Beth Orser
Rob Tibbetts
Maria Toner
Sterling Tougas
Melinda Turner
Elaine Uang
Urban Revision
Ginny Uyesugi
Sandy Valentin
Mark Walters
Tyler Young
Zeta Homes
Tiffany Zhang

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