Cholesterol Foods


Information About Dietary Cholesterol Content of Food Groups

Cholesterol in Foods

Although a diet high in saturated fat is the main cause of high blood cholesterol levels, eating foods high in cholesterol can also raise blood cholesterol levels. And usually the effect is twice as bad, because foods high in cholesterol are usually ALSO high in saturated fat.

Table 1. Foods High in Cholesterol

FoodServing SizeCholesterol
Boiled egg1225 mg
Cream cheese1oz27 mg
Cheddar cheese1oz19 mg
Butter3.5oz250 mg
Lamb3.5oz70 mg
Beefsteak3.5oz70 mg
Chicken3.5oz60 mg
Kidney, beef3.5oz375 mg
Liver, beef3.5oz300 mg
Ice Cream3.5oz45 mg
Sponge cake3.5oz260 mg

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Table 2. Foods Low in Cholesterol

All vegetables0 mg
All fruits0 mg
All grains0 mg
All pulses0 mg
All nuts0 mg
All seeds0 mg
All vegetable oils0 mg

Source: Amended from Pennington, J. Food Values of Portions Commonly Used, Harper and Row, 14th ed. New York, 1985.