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Chitosan? (Got it right). The fame of this product has reached all corners of the globe. It is worth every effort though you don`t have to go to the deepest of seas or the highest of the mountains to unfold the mystery of Chitosan. This article contains all you need to know about it. Take my hand off we go!

In regard to Chitosan we owe a lot of gratitude if that were possible to shellfish. This is because Chitosan is derived from hard outer skeleton of the shellfish. It is quite advantageous due to the number of disease it treats. Apart from its medical uses Chitosan has commercial uses. It is also believed to control fat absorption in the body, which in turn leads to weight loss though its ability to prevent fat absorption is controversial.

Let’s have a look at the uses of Chitosan

Used for water filtration

Incredibly chitosan has the ability to cause fine sediment particles to stick together and is in turn removed with the sediment during sand filtration. More so it is an excellent product for eradicating phosphorous, heavy minerals, and oils from water. In other words it is a vital additive in the filtration process. Believe me you Chitosan with sand filtration perform excellently in comparison with sand filtration alone which removes roughly 50% of the turbidity but chitosan removes about 99% turbidity. Isn`t Chitosan a great product?

Used to clarify wine

May be you cannot spend a day or two without taking a glass of wine. But perhaps you have never paid attention to the product that makes wine or beer worth your efforts. Beyond all doubts CHITOSAN clarify wine, mead as well as beer. But how? Actually it simply improves flocculation and eradicates yeast cells, fruit particles and all other detritus that are the reason behind hazy wine. As a matter of fact you will have improved chitosan ability as a fining agent for white wines by combining it with colloidal silica

Industrial uses

You may have heard about the mysterious polyurethane coating developed by scientist. And how it heals its own scratches when exposed to the sunlight. The ability of the coating to heal itself is made possible due to the presence of chitosan integrated into traditional polymer materials for instance those used in coating in cars to protect paint. Scratch is known to damage the chemical structure. In that case chitosan responds to the sunshine by making chemicals chains that connect with other materials in the substance hence smoothing the scratch. You may think that such a process will take eternity. But you are wrong. As a matter of fact it takes at least 30 minutes.

Used as a natural biocontrol and elicitor

Agricultural activities are the reason why we get food one of our must have essential needs. Chitosan facilitates seed treatment as well as enhancing plant growth. Incredibly it improves the innate ability of the plants to fight against fungal infections. In other words Chitosan is an ecologically friendly biopesticide. The main reason why it is referred as a natural biocontrol is because it has the biocontrol active ingredients which include chitin/chitosan.

Some of the biomedical uses of chitosan include;

Used in bandages and hemostatic agents

Chitosan has the ability to clot blood. It achieves this as a result of its properties. In that case it is ideal for use in bandages and hemostatic products. Chitosan hemostatic product has been found to reduce blood loss greatly in comparison to gauze dressing thus enhancing the survival of the patient.

Controls weight gain

Use of chitosan for weight loss is acontroversial undertaking.This is because it is believed to have the ability to hinder the absorption of fats in your blood stream though studies done showed very minor effects on body weight. However don`t hesitate using chitosan for weight loss somehow it will help you lose at least one pound if not two. On the other hand you can never lose anything by trying.

Alters bile acid composition

Chitosan is believed to alter the composition of the bile acid and in turn improve the removal of sterols as well as decreasing the digestibility of ileal fats.

Hinders the absorption of dietary lipids

Chitosan is usually somewhat insoluble in water making it a viscous dietary fiber thus preventing the absorption of dietary lipids.

Used as food preservative

Recently studies revealed that a chitosan based plastic wrap increases the shelf life of some foods.

Gum diseases

Some studies reveal that applying chitosan ascorbate to the gums aid in prevention of gum problems as well as treating periodontitis.

Ideal for use after plastic surgery

Applying N-carboxybutyl chitosan to affected areas aids in healing the wounds as well as preventing the formation of scar after plastic surgery.

You can bear me witness that these uses and benefits of chitosan are more that we could ever ask for. As a matter of fact this is not even half of all the uses. Should there be a next time I won`t hesitate unfolding all chitosan benefits and uses.

How Does Chitosan Powder Work?

Chitosan is usually found in capsule/ pills or powder form. Chitosan powder is primarily N-decatylated form of chitin is manufactured from the shells of crabs, lobsters as well as shrimps. It contains a number of compounds for instance N-acetyl glucosamine and glucosamine. Its structure looks like cellulose. As a matter of fact chitosan exists both in high and low molecular weight forms which are got by breaking down typical chitosan into smaller units. Chitosan powder is known for its ability to reduce the levels of cholesterol in the body. This is because it is positively charged thus connects with the negatively charged bile acids. In addition chitosan powder is a fat blocker as it interferes with the negatively charged fats and bile salts hindering their absorption.

Is chitosan weight loss reliable?

A number of companies all over the world sell chitosan supplement on basis that it is liable of causing up to 8% of body weight reduction. Somehow we can approve or even disapprove such a possibility. However randomized controlled trials of chitosan which took a period of four weeks and included overweight and obese adults as well as those had hyper cholesterol was carried out. Analyses revealed that chitosan cause small yet significant reduction in body weight.

What Do Folks Have in Store in Regard to Chitosan Weight Reduction?

Excellent says,

“Chitosan does what it says. It absorbs dietary fat and sends it on through the body without its being absorbed in fat cells. May cause a little diarrhea until you get used to it but the end result is worthwhile. And yes it cause weight reduction”.

Msminni says,

“I take this before eating fatty foods and I noticed that my weight has been staying a few pounds below normal. It also helps with digestion as well as reducing cholesterol levels. I like and its actually helping me lose weight.”

Why should you buy chitosan?

  • It is 100% effective
  • No serious side effects
  • Sells at favorable prices
  • Has unlimited benefits
  • Available in both powder and capsule form

Does chitosan has side effects?

As a matter of fact chitosan has no serious side effects. However if you are allergic to shellfish, chances are that you will be allergic to chitosan. This is because chitosan is derived from the skeleton of shellfish. In most cases chitosan that is taken by mouth is likely to cause mild stomach upset, constipation and gas as well. But the best part of the story is that such conditions are rare.

More so pregnant and breast feeding mothers should avoid using chitosan without consulting the doctor.

How do I take in or use chitosan?

You should take doses of 0.24 to 15g daily in cases of weight or cholesterol reduction. As a matter of fact physicians use about 0.1% of chitosan solution in ophthalmology. Actually you are supposed to take 3 capsules of chitosan with each meal at least 3 times a day. However you should avoid using chitosan 4 hours after or before the ingestion of fat soluble vitamins for instance vitamin A, D, E K.

What do you need to know about chitosan 500 mg?

Buying chitosan 500mg is embracing a healthy life. This is because chitosan 500 mg is outstanding in enhancing your general body health. It has striking features such as;

  • An excellent weight gain control
  • Has a remarkable fat absorbing action
  • A super dietary supplement
  • Responsible for the maintenance of healthy cholesterol levels.
  • Available and surplus in the market
  • Sells at a cheap price

Is chitosan soluble in water?

As a matter of fact chitosan is usually a weak base hence it is insoluble in water as well as organic solvent. But it is soluble in dilute aqueous acidic solution which has a pH OF 6.5 and liable of converting glucosamine units into soluble form.

Are there easily available natural sources of chitosan?

Sure! We even can`t exhaust the list but some of them include;

Crab and Cray fish

The best quality chitosan is referred as crustacean and is derived from the exoskeleton of crab and the crayfish.


This one is known to have lower ash content. And it is usually colorless. It is a good source of chitosan and mostly used in clinical application in regard to its quality.


Mushrooms provide chitosan commonly known as fungi chitosan. It is excellent fat blocker.

As I rest my case don`t let anybody change your mind in regard to your decision to purchase chitosan. Not even your pocket should prevent you from buying this product since chitosan prices are quite appealing. Anyway meet you again in the chitosan market stores. Together lets grow healthy!

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