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Chips – Diet Advice

Americans eat french fries, Brits eat chips. British french fries, called chips, are part of the British and UK diet. Trouble is, they can be a high fat food, and may cause weight gain.

Chips – Healthier Diet Options

  • Oven chips are a good choice if you want to enjoy chips. They contain only about 4g fat per 100g serving.
  • If preparing home-made chips, cut your chips into thick slices. This way they will absorb less oil because they will have a smaller surface area for a given weight of chips.
  • Use rapeseed oil for frying your chips. This is a source of monounsaturated fatty acids.
  • Oils containing polyunsaturated fatty acids (like sunflower oil or corn oil) are also a good option.
  • Avoid hard fats like dripping as they are high in saturated fatty acids, which can increase blood cholesterol.
  • Don’t re-use oil, when cooking chips.
  • Don’t allow hot cooking oil to ‘smoke’.
  • Chips don’t count towards your 5+ servings of fruit and vegetables. So make sure you fill your plate with lots of vegetables like mushy peas, salad or low fat coleslaw (try making it with low fat yoghurt instead of mayonnaise).
  • Don’t smother chips in salt. Flavour your chips with paprika, chilli powder or fresh black pepper instead.
  • 100g of oven chips contains 12mg of vitamin C and less fat than a tuna mayonnaise sandwich.

Healthy Diet and Weight Control

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