Chile: 8.8 offshore earthquake, 75 miles from Concepcion

Chile 2010

Around 3.30am this morning a 8.8 quake struck off the coast of Chile. We give our heartfelt condolences to those whose lives have been lost and support for the families confronted by the aftermath of this disaster.

It appears the damage is subsequently less than the recent events in Haiti, this maybe due to the countries record of earthquake preparedness, stronger building codes and location/depth of the epicenter. Regardless our thoughts are with those affected and responding to this tragedy.

For all information on building and infrastructure damage please visit

As Architecture for Humanity has not had a record of working in Chile we will not respond unless specifically requested by communities on the ground or partner reconstruction organizations. Last Saturday the city of Concepcion organized a fund raiser for our Haiti Reconstruction work. Those funds to be redirected to supporting rebuilding in their city.


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