• Chronic Vein Disease

    Chronic Vein Disease

    What is Chronic Vein Disease? Chronic vein disease is disease of the veins (vessels that carry blood back to the heart) that usually affects the legs. Over time, the vein walls become weakened and stretched, causing the veins to bulge out and twist. Eventually the veins may become unable to pump enough blood back to

  • Fat-Free Foods & Weight loss

    Fat-Free Foods May Be High in Calories The introduction of more than 5,000 low-fat and non-fat foods over the past decade has contributed (in part) to an epidemic of obesity in America. The trouble comes when people think they can eat unlimited amounts of fat-free or fat-reduced cookies, frozen yogurt and cakes. While these foods

  • Non-Fat Foods Not always Low Calorie

    Fat-free foods & Calories Research is showing that you should probably eat more fat – especially if you’re trying to lose weight. The low-fat craze has gone too far. In my practice as a nutrition therapist, my clients are not only confused, they feel betrayed: “I’m eating fat-free foods, “they say. “Why am I not

  • Exercise & Weight in Menopause

    Midlife Weight Gain Counting on staying as slim after menopause as you were before? Then reach for your walking shoes instead of a second glass of wine or beer. A study of 418 Massachusetts women ages 50 to 60 showed that the ones who gained weight over a 10-year period were the ones who started

  • How to Reduce Fat & Lose Weight by Modifying Stir Fries

    Q. I have just started a diet and would like to continue cooking stir-fries. Is there a way to reduce the fat in stir-fries without losing flavour? Ans. A good way to reduce fat when frying anything is to use a heavy non-stick pan. Stir fries are a great way of cooking both meat and

  • Lactase Enzyme

    Lactase Enzyme

    Let’s Unfold the Mystery of Lactase Enzyme Could be you are allergic to dairy products. If that’s the case it is an implication that your body is producing low amounts of lactase enzyme. But take courage, it is not the end of the world yet since lactase enzyme supplement gives you another opportunity to enjoy



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