• Biloxi Model Homes

    Biloxi Model Homes

    Following Hurricane Katrina, Architecture for Humanity worked throughout the Gulf Coast to help families repair and rebuild their homes. The goal of the Biloxi Model Home program was to provide the city’s affected families with design services and financial assistance for the construction of new homes. Each family was paired with a team of professional

  • Portfolio Design

    Building a Better  Future Using the Power  of Design Select Programs: Biloxi Model Homes Enel Cuore Community Empowerment Football for Hope Haiti Rebuilding Center Happy Hearts Hurricane Sandy Reconstruction National Resilience Program Nike GAMECHANGERS Pillars of Sustainable Education Tohoku Earthquake and Tsunami Rebuilding

  • Restore the Shore – Seaside Heights, NJ

    As we have begun to understand the sheer devastation wrought by Hurricane Sandy on the eastern seaboard, one town seems to have bore the brunt of the disaster. Seaside Heights, situated in the heart of the Jersey shore and home to decades of summer memories, has been left ravaged by the storm. According to city

  • Biloxi Model Home Program – Participating Architects

    Biloxi Model Home Program – Participating Architects

    Twelve nationally recognized architecture firms have been invited to participate in this important initiative. MC2 Architects – Houston, Texas CP+D Workshop – Charlottesville, Virginia Gulf Coast Community Design Studio – Jackson, Mississippi Huff + Gooden Architects – Charleston, South Carolina Building Studio – Memphis, Tennessee Studio Gang Architects – Chicago, Illinois Brett Zamore Design –

  • Shizugawa Fishermen’s Workplace “Banya” and Oyster Bar

    A group of 15 fishermen who lost everything in the Great East Japan Earthquake would like to rebuild their workplace and warehouse (called Banya in Japanese) as their new base of the town’s fishing industry, which is the key industry of the area. These fishermen previously operated individually, but would now like to bring in

  • Sendai Quake: Supporting Reconstruction

    Architecture for Humanity is working with a number of local professionals in Kyoto, Tokyo and Osaka to provide support and design services to those impacted by the earthquake and tsunami. We are raising funds and laying the groundwork to support local design professionals in the rebuilding of safe, sustainable housing and civic structures. If you