• Patient Resources

    This section includes useful information and helpful resources for stroke patients, their families and caregivers from the Brain Attack Coalition members. The BAC primarily serves medical professionals, but most of our members offer extensive information for the public. Print this page to use as a hand-out for direct links to coalition member patient education sites.

  • Pathways

    This section provides information on the step-by-step actions taken by healthcare professionals in caring for stroke patients once a diagnosis has been made. Pathways (also called care tracks and care maps) include a range of documents such as internal hospital forms, triage and protocol guidelines, intervention guidelines, as well as stroke care systems development and

  • Orders

    This section includes example Hospital Admission Orders, Physician Orders, and pertinent checklists. Cleveland Clinic Foundation Coordinated Care Tracks: Admission Orders North Carolina Baptist Hospitals: Ischemic Stroke Admission Orders TPA Stroke Study Group Physician’s Orders University of Cincinnati Physician’s Checklists / Order Sheets Froedtert & Medical College: Ischemic Stroke/TIA Standing Orders Frequently Asked Questions Q. What

  • Guidelines

    Stroke Guidelines are a comprehensive diagnostic tool. Guidelines are used to establish quickly whether or not a patient is experiencing an acute stroke, the stroke’s range and severity, and most effective treatment. The following guidelines include many common factors. Variation between the guidelines is determined primarily by their use in research and practice specialties. American

  • Brain Attack Coalition

    Brain Attack Coalition

    About the Coalition Representing medical, scientific, advocacy, and government professionals from across the stroke continuum, the Brain Attack Coalition is dedicated to setting direction, advancing knowledge, and communicating best practices to improve our ability to prevent and combat stroke. Professional resources include Guidelines and Orders for systems development for acute stroke care (including stroke team or stroke center development),

  • World Medical & Health Policy

    World Medical & Health Policy is a unique new journal dedicated to the intersection of politics, policy, medicine, and public health. We live in a globalizing world, where public policy decisions affect the prevention of diseases and the practice of medicine. World Medical & Health Policy publishes articles that translate research into policies and practice



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