• Pillars of Sustainable Education

    Location: Global Architecture for Humanity and Alcoa Foundation have come together to support the realization of community-based projects that explore innovations in design, materials and building systems. This cross-sector collaboration between Alcoa, Alcoa Foundation, Architecture for Humanity and seven universities in five countries will work to educate the next generation of architects, engineers and material designers



    Location: Global Nike GAMECHANGERS is an initiative run by Architecture for Humanity with Nike Social Innovations, as an effort to fund and build sports spaces that are successful catalysts for social change. The intention is to support the raw innovation and creative spirit of projects that don’t often receive support from traditional grants. The Nike

  • Football for Hope

    Location: Africa As a legacy of the 2010 Football World Cup, FIFA and street football world launched the Football for Hope program, with the aim of building 20 centers across Africa. The centers are managed by local NGOs, each having a specific program. All centers address health and education issues using soccer as a tool

  • National Resilience Program

    National Resilience Program

    The National Resilience Program will assist thousands of people to better prepare their communities to mitigate the impact of future natural disasters. Five regional resilience centers across the United States, operated in partnership with the American Institute of Architects (AIA), Public Architecture, and others, will respond to the threats of natural disasters in five major

  • Happy Hearts

    Happy Hearts

    Location: Global From 2010-2012, Architecture for Humanity worked with Happy Hearts Fund and SURA Group (previously ING Latin America) to design and build a series of innovative schools in Central and South America. The projects strengthened underprivileged communities that have been affected by natural disasters. Six schools in Mexico, Chile, and Peru were partially or

  • Enel Cuore Community Empowerment

    Enel Cuore Community Empowerment

    Location: Global In March 2012, Architecture for Humanity initiated a partnership with Enel Cuore Onlus, a foundation launched by Enel (Europe’s second-largest utility company and a provider of sustainable energy around the world). The program, is designed to build capacity in rural and urban areas affected by considerable poverty and social disadvantage. The program aims