• Hurricane Sandy Reconstruction

    Hurricane Sandy Reconstruction

    In the closing days of October 2012, Hurricane Sandy carved a path through the Caribbean before moving up the Atlantic and turning inland at New Jersey, striking many coastal towns. The storm moved north and created a storm surge that devastated the New York/New Jersey Metro area. The event caused major damage and loss of

  • Haiti Quake: A Plan for Reconstruction

    Haiti Quake: A Plan for Reconstruction

    For those not used to working in disasters the first week is chaotic, filled with stories of heroism and despair. The first responders are not the NGO’s or medical personal but the families of those who are injured or lost their lives. It is an overwhelming situation to be in. It is also not the

  • Sendai Update: Moving from Relief to Recovery

    It has been more than two weeks since the tragic earthquake and tsunami in Northern Japan. A lot of people have asked us what are we doing, what structures are we building and do we have construction going on right now. There are four phases of rebuilding a community; Relief, Recovery, Reconstruction and Economic Development.

  • Clinton Bush Haiti Fund Awards

    Clinton Bush Haiti Fund Awards

    over $800,000 to the Architecture for Humanity Haiti Rebuilding Center The Clinton Bush Haiti Fund announced an $816,472 grant to Architecture for Humanity, in support of the Haiti Rebuilding Center in Port-au-Prince. This grant will enable small and growing Haitian businesses to participate in post-earthquake reconstruction and ensure rebuilding incorporates better design and engineering. Funded jointly by Architecture

  • Chile: 8.8 offshore earthquake, 75 miles from Concepcion

    Chile: 8.8 offshore earthquake, 75 miles from Concepcion

    Around 3.30am this morning a 8.8 quake struck off the coast of Chile. We give our heartfelt condolences to those whose lives have been lost and support for the families confronted by the aftermath of this disaster. It appears the damage is subsequently less than the recent events in Haiti, this maybe due to the

  • Plastiki


    The Plastiki launches in Spring 2010 on a 7,500-mile route from San Francisco to Sydney “The thing is not to make plastic the enemy, but to reassess how we use, dispose, and reuse it – David de Rothschild, National Geographic Visiting Fellow and founder of Adventure Ecology “As we get more and more urban we’re



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