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  • Two million people displaced in Myanmar

    Cyclone Nargis hit the heart of Myanmar on May 2, 2008. The official estimate is that 78,000 are dead and 56,000 are missing, putting the disaster on a par with a 1991 cyclone that killed 143,000 in neighboring Bangladesh. The storm has left another 2.5 million people without shelter or immediate access to food and water.

  • Open Architecture Network

    What global housing crisis? One billion people live in abject poverty. Four billion live in fragile but growing economies. One in seven live in slum settlements. By 2030 it will be one in three. Too often, humanitarian and developmental assistance falls short or fails. While technological advancements have been made in almost every other facet of life, development and

  • Design(er) A Call for ideas for an earthquake resistant housing manual for Kashmir

    Help develop a guide for safer rural buildings. Currently two million people are without adequate shelter. Aid agencies are struggling to keep up with the relief and recovery effort. With the winter baring down on the mountainous region of Kashmir many are not waiting for these groups to transition to reconstruction and have begun to

  • Architecture for Humanity Takes On Worldchanging

    Architecture for Humanity Takes On Worldchanging

    Will merge with the Open Architecture Network to develop a robust center for applied innovation and sustainable development. San Francisco, CA (September 19, 2011) Architecture for Humanity is honored to announce the acquisition of Worldchanging, a leader in solutions-based journalism, and to merge its assets with the Open Architecture Network to create a robust and informed

  • Safe Trestles Design Competition

    Safe Trestles Design Competition

    A Open Design Competition to Create Low-Impact Access To Trestles Launch: Feb. 17 | Registration Due: March 17 | Submission Due: April 17 Access to Trestles, one of North America’s most celebrated waves, is under threat due to safety and environmental concerns. Currently, over 100,000 people each year follow informal trails through wetlands and over

  • Architecture Love Cards 2013

    Architecture Love Cards 2013

    (As featured on ArchDaily, Architizer, Curbed, and Unbeige!) Hi everybody It’s the loveliest time of year again – and we wanted to offer a little token of our appreciation for your support. For this Valentine’s day we’ve made a series of architecture love cards that you can share with your friends and close ones this season. These are just



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