• Top 10 Back Exercises

    Top 10 Back Exercises

    Here we offer you a check list of Top 10 back exercises for you to choose from any day anytime. Honestly, there are varieties of movement for back strengthening to choose from on any back day, but however your choice can become more effective when you know the best back exercises that will help build

  • Arnold’s Dumbbell Press

    Arnold’s Dumbbell Press

    Arnold Schwarzenegger improved dumbbell press for a matchless form of shoulder growth. The unique movement in the Arnold shoulder press where the palm is twisted to face forward and not backwards is ranked among fast shoulder enlargement overhead press and named after the inventor, Arnold press. The routine is explained below in the guide. Guide

  • Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Blueprint

    Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Blueprint

    For every legacy, there is a legend behind it. The same goes for every legend that must have a blueprint behind the legacy. We therefore, present to you Arnold Schwarzenegger’s blueprint which covers Arnold Schwarzenegger’s nutrition plan, training philosophy, workout program, knowledge, thoughts on motivation, history and a whole lot more. In a bid to

  • Put your Heart into it!!

    Put your Heart into it!!

    Cardio workouts are exercises that increase your heart rate significantly over a short period of time. They are designed to increase your physical fitness as well as improve your mentality. Cardio Workouts For Men Men can get themselves in shape by engaging in these workouts for men: Cycling Cycling is one of the most popular form