• Healthy GI Weight Loss Diet

    Healthy GI Weight Loss Diet Glycemic Index Diet to Reduce Food Cravings and Improve Blood Glucose Management PLUS 8 Extra Diets and “Brilliant” Motivation Tips PLUS Membership to Weight Loss Forum PLUS Personal Support Every Step of The Way Exactly What You Get When You Join My Program For 12 Months A Great GI Diet

  • Low Carb Weight Loss Diet

    PLUS 8 Extra Diets and “Brilliant” Motivation Tips PLUS Membership to Ann Weight Loss Forum PLUS Personal Support Every Step of The Way Exactly What You Get When You Join My Program For 12 Months A Great Low Carbohydrate Diet Plan To help you lose weight fast and control your carb-intake.. 8 EXTRA Diet Plans (See Below) TONS

  • Surgery For Obese Patients

    Who Qualifies For Weight Loss Surgery? Obesity operations are available to any adult with a body mass index (BMI) of 35+, who has serious weight-related illness or mobility problems. That said, many obesity clinics screen patients, preferring those who are prepared to make the necessary long term commitment to healthy eating. In addition, some bariatric surgeries are

  • How to Lose Fat

    In order to lose fat we need to adopt 2 regular habits. We need to cut food calories (calories-in) and burn off more calories (calories-out). Fat-burning supplements don’t help us to lose fat because they are not effective in helping us to reduce calories long-term or exercise more. Lose Fat by Eliminating a Bad Weekly

  • Hypothyroidism – Underactive Thyroid

    Hypothyroidism – Underactive Thyroid Hypothyroidism, or underactive thyroid, is 10 times more common in women than men. Hypothyroidism (insufficient thyroxine) affects 2 in every 100 women in the UK and is most common in women aged 40 to 50, although you can develop it at any age. The risk increases with age, family history and

  • Brain, Weight & Appetite Control

    Appetite Control System Old systems in our brain regulate appetite, eating behaviors, and manage body weight. We call this brain device the Appetite Control System (ACS). The ACS integrates information about body weight, temperature, activity level, season, reproductive cycle (in women), food availability, and expected energy needs to decide how much food is needed today.



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