• Balanced Weight Loss Diet

    Balanced Diet Meals Sample Food Menu Return to Weight Loss Program Return to Balanced Diet NOTES: 1. The diet includes full cooking instructions and TONS of different recipes. 2. The diet includes a full range of food substitutions and fast-food options. 3. The diet includes complete information on calories. 4. FOR UK MENU CLICK HERE

  • Healthy Low Calorie Weight Loss Diet

    PLUS 8 Extra Diets and “Brilliant” Motivation Tips PLUS Membership to Weight Loss Forum PLUS Personal Support Every Step of The Way Exactly What You Get When You Join My Program For 12 Months A Great Low Calorie Diet Plan My Low Calorie Booster Diet is ideal for anyone who wants to overcome a weight

  • Comments from Dieters

    I started your plan just over a week ago, weight last Tuesday was 236 pounds. This morning was a shock, my weight today is 210 pounds!!! This is a terrific flying start! So I shall raise my glass to you tonight! Cheers, -Judy It is 14 weeks since I began your diet, and I’ve lost

  • Diet Advice for Teenage Girls

    Are you a teenage girl aged between 14 and 19?  If so, let me ask you a question. What are your two most precious possessions? The correct answer is: Your mind and body. By comparison, everything else is valueless. Look after your mind and body and you can achieve anything you want. Let them go to

  • How to Give Up Chocolate (Candy)

    Question There’s a bar of chocolate in front of you. Your mouth starts watering. How do you cope? Answer Follow these 5 steps Leave the chocolate, go to the kitchen and get a banana. Eat the banana. Still want the chocolate? If so, go and get a fat-free yogurt. Eat the yogurt. Still want the



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