• Diet Fasts

    If I Fast For A Week, Will I Lose A Lot of Weight? Fasting to lose weight is neither nor healthy. In addition to ill-health, you are likely to regain all the weight you lose within a matter of days of ending your fast. It takes about two days for your body to use up

  • Dairy Foods & Weight Loss

    Is It Best To Avoid Dairy Products to Lose Weight? No, it is not a good idea to avoid dairy products if you are on a weight loss diet. Most of us rely on dairy products to maintain a healthy intake of calcium which is essential to our good health. For best weight loss results

  • Cellulite ‘Orange-Peel’ Apppearance But Normal Weight

    I Am Not Overweight, but I Have Cellulite. Why? Even a woman of normal weight typically has about 20 percent body fat. The hormone estrogen causes much of this fat to be stored on the butt, hips and thighs and it is in these areas where cellulite typically appears. In other words, although your total

  • Carbs, Protein & Fat

    What is The Correct Proportion of Carbs and Protein? Many weight loss diets promote a mathematical approach to dieting. They specify a precise percentage of carbs, protein and fat. But weight loss does not depend on this kind of precision-eating. Weight loss occurs when you eat fewer calories than you burn, irrespective of the source

  • Excess Carbs

    Do Excess Carbs Make Us Overweight? Yes. But any excess calories make us gain weight. The body converts all surplus food, fat, carbs and protein to fat. If we consume 3,500 calories (of fat, carbs or protein) more than we use, we will gain about one pound of fat. If we consume 3,500 calories less

  • Can’t Lose Weight

    Why Can’t I Lose Weight? I Hardly Eat Anything. It may be that you are already at an ideal weight for your height. If so, you will find it hard to reduce your weight much further. Or, it may be that you are eating more calories than you think. Many diet and weight loss studies,



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