• Exercise: Muscle Toning

    What Is The Best Exercise For Toning Muscles? Most exercise will help to tone muscles. Ideally, your workout program should include a combination of stretching, aerobic and weight training exercises. In order to build muscles – rather than tone existing muscles – only resistance training/weight training is likely to add a significant amount of extra

  • Exercise & Eating Less

    Does Exercise Help Me To Eat Less? Yes, exercise does help us to eat less. Exercise slows down the movement of food through the digestive system which means you will feel full for longer. Also, sustained exercise takes stored calories out of tissues causing blood sugar levels to remain stable which reduces hunger pangs. Another

  • Evening Bingeing

    I Can Go Without Food All Day, but I Binge in The Evenings – Why Is This? Probably because you are starving your body all day and causing your blood sugar levels to drop in the process. This tends to create a craving inside you, particularly for sweet sugary foods, and makes it almost impossible

  • Eat Little & Often to Lose Weight

    Does Eating Little and Often Help Weight Loss? Yes, it is generally believed that eating three smaller regular meals, plus mid-morning and mid-afternoon snacks is the best way to lose weight. Regular eating tends to maintain a balanced sugar level in the blood, prevents hunger and helps us to avoid overeating. Eating little and often

  • Dining Out: Weight Control

    Can I Dine Out And Still Lose Weight? Yes, you can dine out and still lose weight – but only if you make sensible food choices. If you plan to dine out in the evening, stick as closely as possible to your diet in the earlier part of the day. But don’t starve yourself –

  • Diet & Healthy Bones

    Can I Do Anything To Keep My Bones Healthy and Strong? Bones are living tissue which is constantly renewed. Peak bone mass is commonly achieved during our early thirties. Strong bones are the result of what we eat and what exercise we take from early childhood until we reach peak bone mass in our early



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