• What Real People Say About Weight Loss Support Forum

    Please Note: All comments reprinted directly from Weight Loss Forum. To preserve privacy, all identifying names have been removed. What Members Say About My Forum WOW! People on this site aren’t kidding when they say it has great support… You want support. We got support. After joining on Mother’s Day (I have two grown daughters),

  • Fast Food Diet Plan

    10 Minute Meals Diet Summary 28-day weight loss plan with quick-cook ultra-convenient meals Three options each day: (1) 10-Minute quick-cook; (2) fast-food; or (3) cook-for-2-days Calorie values given for EVERY MEAL Take-to-work options Full list of food substitutions for picky eaters Full snack list Full list of fast food options 10-Minute Meals Diet is a

  • Cholesterol Reduction Diet

    Summary of Cholesterol Reduction Diet 28-day eating plan designed to reduce cholesterol and weight Calorie values given for EVERY FOOD ITEM Total fat/saturated fat/cholesterol content for EVERY MEAL Great choice of foods Includes facts about cholesterol and fat Full list of food substitutions for picky eaters Full snack list Full shopping list Cholesterol-Lowering Diet is

  • Balanced Diet Plan

    Summary Ann Balanced Diet reduces weight and improves eating habits. Even better, it’s a GREAT way to help husbands and families to eat well and maintain a healthy weight without them even realizing that they are on a “diet”. Offers a well-balanced 28-day eating plan for healthy weight loss Each meal provides two options: either



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