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    The answer to the brain-teasers are: Problem 1 The surgeon is Jack’s mother. Problem 2 Cinderella crosses with Jackie. (2 minutes) Cinderella returns. (1 minutes) Eileen crosses with Mary. (10 minutes) Jackie returns. (2 minutes) Cinderella crosses with Jackie. (2 minutes) Total time taken = 17 minutes.

  • Weight Cycling

    Adverse Effects of Weight Cycling Although the health consequences suffered by those who repeatedly lose and gain weight need further exploration, at least one study has found serious adverse effects of such weight cycling (yo-yo dieting). American and Swedish researchers analyzed weight fluctuations and later health problems over a period of 32 years in more

  • Vitamin C and Weight Control

    Vitamin C May Reduce Age-Related Weight Gain According to a new University of Colorado at Boulder study, by taking more vitamin C older adults may be able to combat oxidative stress in their cells that may damage tissues and interfere with normal physiological functions. It suggests that oxidative stress may have played a part in

  • Restaurant Serving Sizes – Survey

    How much is a “serving”? Is it the same as a “portion”? Are restaurant meals getting bigger, especially compared to meals you make at home? How are people supposed to know how much to eat, anyway? “In an era of super-sized meals, many consumers are confused, not only about things like the difference between a

  • Weight Loss and Running

    Weight Loss Benefits of Running Running is perhaps the most effective way to lose weight, but that doesn’t make it either fast or magical. In fact, you may gain a few pounds early on as your body converts fat tissue to muscle tissue, which is denser and heavier than fat. But if you stick with

  • Oily Fish & Weight Loss

    Oily Fish, Weight Loss, Lipids and Glucose Metabolism In many people hypertension occurs in conjunction with a combination of problems commonly referred as the “insulin resistance syndrome” (or sometimes as “syndrome X”). This includes (in addition to the high blood pressure), central obesity, insulin resistance (which can lead to diabetes), high cholesterol, and high triglycerides.



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