• Weight Gain During Menopause

    Q. I’ve put on a lot of weight over the past couple of years, probably due to the menopause. Am I stuck with it? Only if you want to be. You are no more stuck with weight in your 40s or 50s than you are at 15. In fact, a healthy, well-balanced diet during menopause

  • If I’m on a Diet, Can I Dine Out?

    Yes. In fact, you can eat anywhere: up a tree, down a manhole or in the bath. It’s not where you eat that counts, it’s what you eat. So if you’re in a restaurant, choose something low-fat. A plain steak and salad is okay. So is fresh fruit salad. If you can’t see anything suitable,

  • How Can I Reduce My Sweet Tooth?

    One of the best ways to cure your sweet tooth is to eat regular, meals throughout the day. This helps to steady your blood sugar level and reduce sweet-tooth cravings. Sweet Tooth Tips Try not to go longer than 3 hours without eating. If hungry, have a healthy snack in-between meals (e.g. Fruit, low-fat yogurt,

  • Dieting & Metabolic Rate

    Does Dieting Reduce My Metabolic Rate? When you lose weight your metabolic rate tends to slow down. Because if your body weighs less, it has less work to do and thus burns fewer calories. However, you can counteract this effect by doing regular exercise: ideally a combination of aerobic and stregth-training.

  • Depression is Causing me to Binge and Gain Weight What Should I do?

    First off, don’t go on a weight loss diet or take diet pills! Instead, have a word with your doctor. Depression is a condition that is best treated by your doctor, not by dieting or diet pills. Other suggestions: Eat proper meals Stock up with healthy foods Reduce your stocks of junk food like ice-cream

  • Is Alcohol Bad for Weight Loss?

    Alcohol contains 7 calories per gram, so it’s nearly twice as fattening as carbohydrates or protein. In addition, alcohol can encourage us to eat high fat nibbles, or high fat desserts. This leads to extra calorie intake and can cause weight gain. Calories in Sample Drinks 4 Fluid oz Wine 95 calories 1 Brandy/Whiskey 125



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