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  • Depression is Causing me to Binge and Gain Weight What Should I do?

    First off, don’t go on a weight loss diet or take diet pills! Instead, have a word with your doctor. Depression is a condition that is best treated by your doctor, not by dieting or diet pills. Other suggestions: Eat proper meals Stock up with healthy foods Reduce your stocks of junk food like ice-cream

  • Is Alcohol Bad for Weight Loss?

    Alcohol contains 7 calories per gram, so it’s nearly twice as fattening as carbohydrates or protein. In addition, alcohol can encourage us to eat high fat nibbles, or high fat desserts. This leads to extra calorie intake and can cause weight gain. Calories in Sample Drinks 4 Fluid oz Wine 95 calories 1 Brandy/Whiskey 125

  • Detox Diet & Weight Loss

    Does a Detox Diet Lead to Weight Loss? Yes… but. A detox diet is typically very low in calories. Thus weight loss is almost guaranteed. But this is due to calorie-reduction rather than any detox effects. Also, a typical detox diet is strictly short-term. So it’s affect on your daily eating habits is likely to

  • Count Calories or Fat

    To Lose Weight Should I Count Calories or Fat? In many cases, reducing fat is as effective as reducing calories. But not always. Many lower-fat foods contain more calories than full-fat varieties. So counting/reducing calories is more important for weight than counting/ reducing fat grams. But reducing fat – especially saturated or hydrogenated fat –

  • Columbus Eggs & Weight Loss

    Are Columbus Eggs Good for Weight Loss? It is possible that Columbus eggs may be good for weight loss due to their high content of omega-3 fatty acids. Omega-3 is believed to assist weight loss by regulating blood-sugar levels and appetite, although more research is needed. One Columbus egg is estimated to contain up to

  • Is Chromium Picolinate Good for Weight Loss?

    Chromium and Chromium picolinate are sometimes promoted as products that can even out levels of sugar in the blood and enhance the body’s fat-burning metabolism. Doses of 200 micrograms are found in chromium supplements as well as in so-called weight loss chewing gum. Some research indicates that some extra chromium in a diet may help



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