• Fasting & Weight Loss

    Is Fasting Good for Weight Loss? Fasting is a polite term for starvation which is guaranteed to cause weight loss. Unfortunately, once the fast is over, most (if not all) of the weight lost is rapidly regained. So, for anyone who wants to LOSE weight and KEEP IT OFF, fasting is not a good option.

  • Exercise & Weight Loss

    Is Exercise Good for Weight Loss? If so, Why? Yes. Exercise is very good for weight loss. For two main reasons. First, it burns calories. Second, it builds lean tissue and reduces body fat percentage, which in turn helps to burn more calories. Exercise also helps to improve our mood and overall health, both of

  • Exercise to Lose Weight

    How Often Should I Exercise to Lose Weight? To lose one pound of body fat you need to burn 3500 calories more than you eat. Fast walking burns about 350 calories/hour, so in simple terms you need to fast-walk for 10 hours to shed one pound of fat. An ideal exercise routine to lose weight

  • Empty Calorie Foods

    What Are “Empty-Calorie” Foods? Foods described as ’empty-calorie’ contain a very low nutrient/calorie ratio. Meaning, they have very few nutrients like vitamins and minerals when compared to their calorie level. Empty calorie foods are NOT a good option when following a calorie-controlled weight loss diet. The fewer the calories, the more important it is to



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