• What is Resveratrol and How is it Linked to Fat?

    Resveratrol is a substance produced by red grapes. Animal research has shown that resveratrol reduces blood fat and cholesterol. This is believed to be why the French suffer from much lower levels of heart disease, despite consuming higher levels of saturated fat. The French obtain their resveratrol from drinking red wine. But the healthiest option

  • Who Are Fatter – Men or Women?

    Women have more fat cells than men. Whereas the average man has 26 billion fat cells, or adipocytes, in his body, the average female has 35 billion. Fat comprises 27% of an average woman’s total body-weight but for a man comprises only 15%. Nature ordains that women have more fat on their bodies than men.

  • Fatigue

    Q. After 3 months dieting I’ve lost 16 pounds, but I have less energy. What is wrong? Your weight loss diet plan may lack essential vitamins, minerals and slow-releasing carbs. Suggestions Increase your fruit and vegetable intake Eat regular pasta and potatoes Drink at least 8 glasses of water each day Take 30 minutes of

  • Fat Burner

    Q. Can you recommend a fat-burner or weight loss supplement to speed up my metabolism? I’m afraid I can’t. Although there are many so-called fat-burners and diet supplements for sale over the Internet, that claim to speed up metabolism, some are useless, others are unsafe – even dangerous. Some of these metabolism boosters or so-called

  • Fat & Body Fat

    Does Fat Make Us Fat? Yes, relatively speaking. Dietary fat does make us fatter than either protein or carbs. For example, because fat is close to the form it needs to be in for storage, metabolizing it requires just 3 calories for every 100 calories consumed. This leaves 97 calories available for storage. By comparison,

  • Fast Weight Loss Advice

    How to Reduce Weight At the Fastest Possible Speed Don’t Try to Lose Weight Too Fast If we reduce weight too rapidly, our body thinks there’s a famine and slows down our metabolism. Then our weight loss stops. Then we binge! The moral? Rapid weight reduction has its limits. Let Me Help You To Lose



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