• Do I have to give up cookies and cakes in order to lose weight?

    Not if you’re a shrew! A shrew is a compulsive eater with an incredibly fast metabolism. In fact, if several shrews are confined without food, the hungriest will eat the others and finally itself! Anyway, if you’re not a shrew you can’t eat high-fat or high-sugar foods and lose weight, unless you eat it as

  • Do Genes Make Us Fat?

    Genes affect a wide range of chemical functions in the body and affect our weight in many ways. For example, metabolism, hormones and body fat disposition are all affected by genetic inheritance. But the precise affect of genes on weight and weight gain is hard to measure. For example, our eating habits and lifestyle (e.g.

  • Weight Gain

    Can I Gain Weight Without Eating More? Yes. You can gain weight simply by reducing the amount of exercise you take. For example, if you normally walk for 30 minutes/day – which burns about 150 calories – but then quit without reducing your calorie intake, you will be using about 1050 fewer calories a week.

  • Raising Metabolic Rate

    What Foods or Drinks Raise Metabolic Rate? Several foods and drinks appear to increase metabolism or metabolic rate, although their over-consumption for weight loss is NOT recommended. Pure protein has a higher-than-average thermogenic effect: up to 25 percent of calories may be burned off during ‘digestion’, as opposed to the usual 10 percent. Unfortunately, high-protein

  • Guide To Food Cravings

    A food craving is more than a preference for particular foods, or an impulse to buy certain snacks. A food craving is an insistent desire for a type of food (eg. candy, pizza) which we often go to some lengths to satisfy. Cravings for high-sugar or high fat foods are especially distracting for anyone on

  • Which Cooking Oil is Best For Weight Loss?

    When it comes to weight control and weight loss, all cooking oil is the same because it contains the same amount of calories – approx. 120 calories/tbsp So if you want to reduce your fat intake and lose weight, choose a FAT SPRAY This produces 1 calorie, per spray. Remember: successful weight loss is all



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