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  • Fat Loss Advice

    In order to lose fat we need to adopt 2 regular habits. We need to cut food calories (calories-in) and burn off more calories (calories-out). Fat-burners or other so-called ‘fat-burning’ products don’t help us to lose fat because they are not effective in helping us to reduce calories long-term or exercise more. Fat Loss by

  • An Easy Way to Lose Weight

    An easy way to lose weight is to develop two important habits. Eat fewer calories (calories-in) and burn more calories (calories-out). Diet pills are NOT an easy way to lose weight because they don’t help us develop better eating habits or take more exercise. An Easy Way to Lose Weight – Drink Fewer Soft Drinks

  • Vegetarian Diet for Life

    Note: The diet includes full cooking instructions and recipe information. Breakfast Cereal, Yogurt & Fruit 1 medium piece fresh fruit 1/2 cup fat-free yogurt 1 cup cereal (Cheerios/Cornflakes/Special K) + 3 chopped Brazil nuts Lunch Pita/Roll with Hummus 1 wholemeal pita or roll 1 oz carton low-fat hummus Mixed green salad, 1 tbsp fat-free dressing

  • Body Fat, Weight and Health

    If you want to lose weight and maintain good health, it’s beneficial to understand why body fat is an important factor for weight loss and health. See also Body Fat Calculators Body Weight and Body Fat Body weight may be divided into three types: bones, muscle and fat. In a healthy female of average weight,

  • Healthy Balanced Diet Plan

    My Balanced Diet Plan is a highly effective weight loss plan. But when it comes to losing weight, eating the right food is only PART of the answer. The most important part is developing the MOTIVATION to stick to your diet. This is why PERSONAL SUPPORT is such an important feature of my weight loss

  • Weight Loss Motivation Advice For Men

    Community Support Is Critical If you find dieting difficult, I strongly recommend that you find a weight loss program that offers proper support. My own program offers fantastic support, especially for obesity sufferers, but naturally I’m biased because I know how well it works. Alternatively, try Weight Watchers or any weight reduction program with an active online



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