• Treatment For Morbid Obesity

    Treatment For Morbid Obesity

    Introduction There is no treatment cure for severe clinical or morbid obesity. Despite the fact that obesity is a disease of excessive body fat – typically caused by eating more calories than are burned – and in theory is easily preventable or curable, treatments have a mixed success rate, with only the most drastic and compulsive

  • Guide To Water Retention and PMS

    Guide To Water Retention and PMS

    Premenstrual Swelling (Edema) And Weight Gain From Fluid Retention Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS) Swelling (Edema) Premenstrual water retention (and weight gain) is a common side effect of the menstrual cycle in most women. This form of fluid retention causes temporary swelling or enlargement of the breasts, abdomen, ankles, and fingers. Premenstrual headaches and back pain may

  • Treatment For Water & Fluid Retention

    Treatment For Water & Fluid Retention

    How To Reduce Excess Fluid By Diuretics, Sodium Reduction, Diet, Compression Stockings Treating Water Retention The treatment of edema (swelling caused by fluid retention) should be directed at the underlying cause, following careful diagnosis. Treatment options will also vary according to the severity of the symptoms. For example, pulmonary edema is a potentially life-threatening condition

  • Guide To Water Retention & Edema

    Guide To Water Retention & Edema

    Causes, Symptoms, Diagnosis & Treatment of Fluid Retention And Edema Swelling What Is Fluid Retention? Water from the blood commonly leaks into body tissues. Usually, this fluid is drained out of the body tissues via the lymphatic system – a network of tubes throughout the body whose function is to remove waste and other extraneous

  • Guide To Causes Of Water Retention

    Causes of Fluid Retention Many different problems and conditions can cause edema (swelling due to fluid retention). Some causes involve lifestyle (diet, lack of exercise, alcoholism, occupations involving standing), some causes are hormone-related, especially in women, other causes are drug-related or the result of a serious medical condition. Here is a list of the most

  • Xenical Weight Loss Trial Results

    Xenical Weight Loss Results Latest findings presented at conference in London organised by the Association for the Study of Obesity, have shown that many patients prescribed orlistat (Xenical) fail to achieve the weight loss target recommended by NICE to quality for continued therapy. (Patients must lose 5 percent of body weight within 3 months to