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  • Cholesterol Reducing Diet Plan

    General Diet Plan to Lower Your Blood Cholesterol High cholesterol is a major contributor to heart disease and stroke. So all healthy Americans from kids (age 3 upwards) to grandparents, regardless of their blood cholesterol level, should follow a heart-healthy diet. The whole family should also be physically active. And if you have a high

  • Calories in Beer

    Calorie Table for Beer 1 Please note: all calorie values are approximate Beer (12 fl oz) Calories Augsburger beer 175 Beck’s beer 156 Black Horse beer 158 Blackhook Porter beer 162 Blatz beer 136 Bud Dry beer 128 Bud Light beer 109 Budweiser beer 146 Busch beer 146 Carling Black Label beer 135 Personal Help

  • Cholesterol Fat and Diet

    Dietary Fat and Blood Cholesterol It is now recognized that blood cholesterol levels are closely linked to fat intake. In general, a high fat intake – especially of saturated fat – is likely to raise blood cholesterol. A sensible fat intake (25-30 percent of calories) from vegetable fats/oils (or oily fish) especially those polyunsaturated fats

  • Calories in Beef

    Calorie Table for Beef Please note: all calorie values are approximate Beef (3oz) Calories Brisket, lean only, braised 205 Brisket, lean & fat, braised 335 Chuck, pot roast, lean only 200 Chuck, pot roast, lean & fat 300 Chuck, blade, lean only 235 Chuck, blade, lean & fat 330 Chuck, rib roast/steaks, lean only 190

  • Cholesterol in Foods

    Although a diet high in saturated fat is the main cause of high blood cholesterol levels, eating foods high in cholesterol can also raise blood cholesterol levels. And usually the effect is twice as bad, because foods high in cholesterol are usually ALSO high in saturated fat. Table 1. Foods High in Cholesterol Food Serving

  • Calories in Beans & Legumes

    Calorie Table for Beans & Legumes Please note: all calorie values are approximate Beans (4 oz) Calories Aduki Beans, boiled 125 Baked Beans, Heinz 75 Baked Beans, Sugar-free 63 Black-Eyed Peas, boiled 118 Borlotti Beans, canned 168 Butter Beans, boiled 103 Cannellini Beans, canned 110 Chick Peas, canned 75 Flageolet Beans, canned 114 Garbanzo Beans,



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