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  • Acrylamide & Starches

    Study links Cancer to Food Preparation (acrylamide) The process of frying and baking starchy foods such as potatoes and bread causes the formation of potentially harmful amounts of acrylamide – a chemical listed as a probable carcinogen, the Swedish government said last week. The Swedish officials said they were so surprised by the information that

  • Calories in Noodles

    Calorie Table for Noodles Please note: all calorie values are approximate Food (Serving size) Calories Noodles, egg, cooked (1 cup) 215 Noodles, egg, spinach, cooked (1 cup) 210 Noodles, Chow Mein, cooked (1 cup) 240 Noodles, Japanese, soba, cooked (1 cup) 110 Noodles, fried (3 oz) 380+ Can You Eat Noodles On a Calorie-Controlled Diet?

  • Calories in Muffins

    Calorie Table for Muffins Please note: all snack food calorie values are approximate Muffins Serving Size Calories Apple muffins 1.5oz 205 Blueberry muffins 1.5oz 195 Bran muffins 1.5oz 125 Bran raisin muffins 1.5oz 190 Corn muffins 1.5oz 180 Banana walnut muffins 2oz 220 Carrot muffins 2oz 190 Oatbran muffins 2oz 200 Bran muffins 5oz 405

  • Calories in Mozzarella

    Calorie Table for Mozzarella Please note: all calorie values are approximate Mozzarella Cheese (1oz) Calories Mozzarella, regular 90 Mozzarella, light 70 Mozzarella, part skimmed 70 Mozzarella, fat-free 40 Personal Weight Loss Support When you join Weight Loss Program, you become part of a wonderful weight loss community with full access to the No 1 support

  • How to Reduce Fat & Lose Weight When Dining Out

    Q. Even though I am on a diet, my job involves a lot of dining out, which (I know) is bad for weight loss. Any suggestions? Ans. It is definitely more difficult to reduce your calories when you eat out regularly. To reduce fat and lose weight while eating restaurant food, you have to become

  • How to Reduce Fat & Lose Weight By Modifying Cream Sauces

    Q. I love creamy sauces and, even though I want to lose weight, I find it hard to resist when eating out. Will this slow down my weight loss? Ans. To reduce your body fat in a healthy way, you need to reduce your calorie and fat intake. So, the short answer is yes, the



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