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  • Gluten-Free Diet: Dairy Foods, Meats and Protein

    Foods For Celiacs Guide to Dairy Foods Eat about 2-3 servings each day Foods to Eat All milk and milk products except those made with gluten additives. Aged cheese. Foods To Avoid Malted milk Some milk drinks, flavored or frozen yogurt. Serving Sizes – 1 cup milk or yogurt – 1.5 oz natural cheese –

  • Calories in Unusual Meat

    Calorie Content in Unusual Meats Please note: all calorie values are approximate Food (Serving size) Calories Armadillo, raw (3oz) 150 Beaver, roasted (3oz) 210 Bison, raw (3oz) 95 Frogs Legs, fried in flour (3oz) 250 Opossum, roasted (3oz) 190 Squirrel* (3oz) 180 Awesome Support To Lose Weight When you join Weight Loss Program, you become

  • Calories in Liqueurs

    Calories in Liqueurs 2 Please note: all caloric values are approximate Liqueurs (Serving is 1.5 fl oz) Calories Drambuie 165 Gin Citrus 115 Kirsch 125 Maraschino 110 Peppermint Schnapps 125 Pernod/Ricard 115 Sloe Gin 125 Southern Comfort 180 Tia Maria 138 Vodka Citrus 150 For Optimum Calorie Control Drink Fewer Liqueurs If you are following

  • Calories in Protein

    There are 4 calories in each gram of protein. Protein contains the same number of calories as carbohydrates. Protein is essential for good health, but it is better to reduce your intake of high-calorie animal protein (e.g. from cheese and meat) and eat a little more lower-fat and lower calorie vegetable protein (e.g. from beans,

  • Calories in Fruit

    Calorie Table for Fruit 2 Please note: all calorie values are approximate Fruit Amount Calories Grapefruit half 40 Grapes cup 90 Greengages – stewed 4 oz 37 Guava 4 oz 57 Honeydew Melon half 39 Kiwi medium 45 Kumquat 4 oz 64 Lemon medium 15 Loganberries 4 oz 17 Lychee medium 14 Mandarin medium 30

  • Is Bread High in Calories?

    No, bread is not fattening. An average slice of bread contains about 70 calories. For details, click: Calorie Chart Showing Calories in Bread Remember: Bread makes us full before it makes us fat! Bread Calories & Health Choose whole wheat bread for extra nutrition and stomach-filling qualities. Use only a thin coating of butter or



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