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  • Diet Advice For Boils and Spots

    Lowered Immunity Due to Bad Diet Recurring boils are typically a sign of lowered resistance to bacterial infection. Boils commonly occur as a result of a poor quality diet leading to nutritional deficiencies, or illness. Patients with diabetes can be at a higher risk of boils. Guide to Diet For Boils Any diet aimed at

  • Atherosclerosis Diet Advice

    Atheroma Atherosclerosis is a diet-related condition featuring the hardening/clogging of the arteries by atheroma. Derived from the Greek word for porridge, atheroma is a fatty deposit which gradually builds up on the walls of our arteries, including our coronary arteries, as a result of high LDL and/or low HDL cholesterol levels, combined with a diet

  • Results of Your Answers

    What Your Points Mean Here is my general assessment based on your Quiz score. Less than 19 Points My guess is, you’ve tried every diet and weight loss solution on the market, without ever finding something that works for you. Maybe you have lost weight many times, but ended up regaining everything and more. I’m

  • Weight Loss Program With Best Support Forum

    Which Weight Loss Program Has The Best Forum? I can’t answer this objectively, because I run a totally awesome weight loss forum myself. However, I have trawled a very large number of diet websites and I’ve examined tons of weight loss programs. Sadly, most companies do not seem to offer ANY sort of support –

  • Tips To Boost Metabolism

    Advice About Metabolism Question: I tend to think that the less food I eat, the more weight I’ll lose. Unfortunately, after starving myself all day, I eat too much at night. Now my weight loss has stopped and I’m going crazy! What can I do to get it started? Answer: First off, it is NOT

  • Speed Of Weight Loss

    Don’t Quit Dieting Just Because You Lose Weight More Slowly Than You Want Unacceptably Slow Rate of Weight Reduction Many dieters quit dieting because they don’t lose weight fast enough. Instead of being content with the normal speed of weight loss (1-2 pounds a week), they expect to lose at least 3-4 pounds a week,



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