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  • Fentermine Weight Loss Pills

    Fentermine/Phentermine Weight Loss Pills Fentermine weight loss pills are prescription-only appetite suppressants for the short-term management of obesity. Like all weight loss drugs, Fentermine pills are more effective when combined with a healthy program of diet and exercise, and if necessary, lifestyle modification. They are not an effective weight loss substitute for healthy eating and

  • Pictures of Members Who Have Lost Weight

    Patti Patti has lost a total of 145 pounds on the program, reducing her weight from 265 pounds to 120 pounds.                             Read What Patti Says “I joined Ann Weight Loss Program on June the 13th, 2005… from the start I was

  • High Cholesterol Levels – Definition and Diagnosis

    Cholesterol Is A Type Of Fat Cholesterol is a substance known as a lipid, a type of fat. Most of the body’s supply of cholesterol is produced in the liver, but some is derived from food (eg. eggs and meat). In simple terms, there are two types of cholesterol: a ‘good’ type called high density

  • Cholesterol Risk Assessment

    Elevated cholesterol or hyper cholesterolemia may lead to an increased risk of serious disease (eg. atherosclerosis or clogging of the arteries), which in turn can cause coronary thrombosis (heart attack), strokes, transient ischemic attacks or other serious vascular problems. Borderline High Risk Category If total blood cholesterol is in the range 200-239 mg/dL you are

  • Diet Tips To Reduce Blood Pressure

    More Diet Advice For High Blood Pressure Not Simply A Matter Of Reducing Sodium Intake According to the Journal of the American Medical Association, reducing sodium intake has a limited effect on on hypertensive people under the age of 45 and a minimal effect on people with normal blood pressure. Meanwhile, a recent clinical trial

  • Very Overweight Diet

    If You Are Very Overweight or Obese Join My Weight Loss Program And Get REAL Support I Will Help You to Reduce Weight If you are very overweight, or obese, you may feel it’s impossible to change – especially if you’ve been overweight for several years. But you’re wrong – you CAN change, and I’m



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