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  • Introduction to a fitter and healthier lifestyle

    Introduction to a fitter and healthier lifestyle

    My Top Tips One of the most important steps in losing weight is believing in yourself – believing you can do it. Attitude plays a big part in losing weight – with the right attitude you will gain the confidence to believe in yourself that you deserve to be slim and healthy. Achieve the figure

  • Fat-Attack


    Welcome to; a slimming directory set up to help others like myself, who may have UN-wanted weight to lose. Health, Nutrition and Exercise are all featured in the Fat-attack directory. Calories, menu’s and other weight related issues are also included. Healthy eating and exercise is the way forward but for some it is not

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  • Weight Management Guide to Long Term Weight Loss

    Weight Management Guide to Long Term Weight Loss

    Successful Weight Management Managing weight – by which I mean achieving a healthy weight – is a realistic goal for nearly everyone. However, weight reduction strategies will vary according to the degree of overweight/obesity as well as accompanying conditions (comorbidities). In this article, I focus on managing overweight (< 40 pounds) rather than obesity. Overweight Affects Quality

  • Treatment For Morbid Obesity

    Treatment For Morbid Obesity

    Introduction There is no treatment cure for severe clinical or morbid obesity. Despite the fact that obesity is a disease of excessive body fat – typically caused by eating more calories than are burned – and in theory is easily preventable or curable, treatments have a mixed success rate, with only the most drastic and compulsive

  • Definition of Obesity

    Definition of Obesity

    The term ‘obesity’ – derived from the latin word obesus, meaning ‘having eaten until fat’ – describes an excessive accumulation of body fat (adipose tissue), usually caused by the consumption of more calories than the body requires to fuel its energy requirements. The excess energy is thus stored for future use. Types of Obesity As