• Weight Training Resources

    Weight training (strength-training) involves exercising with weights, not “weight-lifting”. It includes exercises such as push-ups or chin-ups. The overall aim of weight-training is to increase strength levels in order to improve general physical fitness. Isotonic Weight Training In isotonic exercises the resistance does not change throughout the range of motion. Most gym weight-machines are isotonic,

  • Weight Management And Vegetarianism

    A diet rich in fruits and vegetables can decrease the chances of coronary heart disease and reduce the risk of several cancers. A balanced vegetarian eating plan can lower blood pressure, reduce the risk of developing diverticulitis, and protect against cataract and macular degeneration, the major cause of vision loss among people over age 65.

  • Weight Loss Tools

    There are tons of online weight loss tools and calculators to help you track your body mass index, calorie intake, cholesterol intake, sodium intake, calorie expenditure, metabolic rate, nutritional intake, GI food intake and calorie needs. To Check Your Body Mass Index See: Body Mass Index Calculator To Establish Your Calorie Intake See: Calorie Needs

  • Tips To Lose Weight

    If you are looking for a healthy weight loss plan rather than a fad diet, annecollins.com has tons of options to suit all dieters. Easy-To-Follow Healthy Diets And Great Motivation If you have high cholesterol and want to lose weight, check out our Cholesterol Lowering Diet. If you want to eat only the healthiest carbs,

  • Support When Losing Weight

    When you join Ann Weight Loss Program you get great motivation advice and support to help you lose weight for ever. Our program gives you a wide range of practical solutions to everyday diet problems that threaten your weight loss goals. Using true-life case-histories, Ann shows you how to boost your diet motivation and develop

  • Weight Loss Supplements

    These are the sort of weight reduction pills you can buy off the shelf in health stores or pharmacies without the need for prescriptions. These weight loss supplements are widely available online. Among the many types of dietary supplements, you can find: Carb Blockers, Coral Calcium, CoQ10, Creatine, Fat-Trappers, Fat Burners, HGH and Hoodia, to



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