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  • Maintenance Diet Plan For Life

    My Maintenance Diet is a highly effective weight control plan. But when it comes to managing your weight, eating the right food is only PART of the answer. The most important part is developing the MOTIVATION to stick to your diet. This is why PERSONAL SUPPORT is such an important feature of my weight loss

  • Atkins Diet: Expert Opinions

    Some Expert Views on Atkins Diet Dr. Foster, one of the researchers involved in studying the Atkins Diet, acknowledged the possible health dangers of the Atkins diet and stated a longer five-year study was planned: “This larger study of 360 participants will help us more fully assess the benefits and risks of low-carbohydrate diets on

  • Meals-in-10-Minutes” Quick-Cook Diet

    Summary of “Meals-in-10-Minutes” Diet Plan 28-day weight loss plan with quick-cook ultra-convenient meals Three options each day: (1) 10-Minute quick-cook; (2) fast-food; or (3) cook-for-2-days Calorie values given for EVERY MEAL Take-to-work options Full list of food substitutions for picky eaters Full snack list Full list of fast food options 10-Minute Meals Diet is a

  • UK Diet for Life

    Breakfast Egg, Yogurt & Fruit 1 medium piece fresh fruit 125 ml pot fat-free yogurt 1 scrambled egg on 1 slice wholemeal toast Lunch Soup, Roll & Salad 1 cup fat-free soup 2 slices wholemeal bread or roll Vegetable salad with tbsp fat-free dressing 1 medium piece fresh fruit Dinner Grilled Pork with Apple Sauce

  • Atkins Diet: Health Issues

    Despite the hopeful results of two recent studies into the weight loss and health effects of the Atkins high protein diet, sceptics have pointed out the following drawbacks: Both weight loss studies were very small. By contrast, a 12-year Harvard study of 74,000 women recently revealed that those who consumed more fruits and vegetables were

  • Digestion Of Fats (Lipids)

    How Fat Is Digested Dietary fats, like those in butter, meat or cooking oils, are basically organic compounds composed of carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen. They consist of complex molecules and are the most highly concentrated source of energy in our daily diet. They belong to a class of substances called lipids. Unfortunately, dietary fats do not



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