• Get A Leaner Shape Without Dieting

    How to Look Thinner Without Dieting! We all know that diet and exercise is the best approach in order to improve our shape and make it leaner. But is there an easier way? Answer: Yes, there is! Choose clothes that make you LOOK thinner!! What to Wear To Give yourself a Leaner Look 1. Go

  • When Dieting, Can I Eat After 8 in the Evening?

    Yes. From a weight loss viewpoint, it’s not when you eat – it’s what and how much you eat that counts. So, if you fancy a late snack, eat something sensible, like chopped fruit topped with fat-free cool whip, cereal and fat-free milk, or a wholemeal bread sandwich with preserves or jelly. Don’t be tempted

  • I Want to Lose Weight but I’m Allergic to Wheat

    I want to lose weight but I’m allergic to wheat. Any suggestions? Look in your local food store for rice cakes, corn and pumpernickel breads, oat bread and oatcakes. Also, get to know your local health food shop. They are sure to stock a range of wheat-free products. For example, look for wheat-free breads, cereals,

  • What is Protein?

    Proteins are the building blocks of the body. Made up of amino acids, they are used to create, maintain, and repair all the protein components of the body, like skin, hair, bones, organs, muscles plus enzymes, hormones and even genes. Protein also supplies energy – but not as readily as carbohydrates. The best sources of

  • What is Overweight?

    The World Health Organization issues guidelines for what is considered normal weight, overweight and obesity. These weight guidelines are based on the Body Mass Index (BMI). The Body Mass Index is a ratio between height and weight that claims to reflect the proportion of fat to muscle and other tissues. A BMI rating between 20

  • Weight Loss Plateau Effect

    How to Overcome a Weight Loss Plateau? The weight loss plateau occurs because your body thinks there is a famine and has slowed down your metabolism in order to conserve calories. This usually occurs within about a month of starting a weight loss diet, and may reoccur periodically thereafter. What’s the solution to the weight



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