• Cardio-Aerobic Exercise & Weight Loss Think 10 mins!

    Cardio Aerobic Exercise Sessions Until recently, most fitness experts believed we had to exercise continuously at high intensity for 30-60 minutes, before our metabolism and weight could benefit. Now, fitness research shows that even 10 minutes of aerobic activity can help to boost our metabolism. So weight loss is now even easier! Exercise for 2-3

  • How to Save Calories

    Easy Calorie Savings Without Dieting Although it’s important to eat a balanced weight loss diet, low in saturated fat and refined sugar, the calorie content of our diet is crucial. Because weight loss is only possible when CALORIES-IN is less than CALORIES-BURNED. Calorie Savings – 3 Easy Ways to Reduce Calories Here are 3 simple

  • Calorie Needs When Dieting

    How Many Calories Do You Need When Dieting There’s no precise answer, I’m afraid. It depends on many things, like weight, age, gender, height, and exercise. Other factors include: dieting history, general lifestyle and motivation. A Simplified Calorie Guide to Calorie Needs However, for a very general idea of your calorie needs when dieting or

  • Breakfast Helps Weight Control

    Eating Breakfast Helps Weight Loss An average 8 hours sleep burns about 450 calories. So your body NEEDS fuel at breakfast time. If you don’t have breakfast, your blood sugar levels may fall too low during the morning. Result? You may get a craving for high-calorie food. Also, going too long without food can cause



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