• Healthy Eating, Not Dieting

    Say Goodbye to Dieting! Fed up of dieting? Fed up of going through the same old dieting torture? If so, STOP. Say Goodbye to dieting Say Hello to healthy eating In other words… Stop focusing on losing weight. Stop focusing on your weighing scales. Instead, focus on eating healthily. Hello Healthy Eating! Eat regular starchy

  • Time Spent Dieting

    Time Spent Dieting Many dieters spend half their lives dieting. Each year they start several new diets – high protein, high carb, low carb, fad diets – you name it. Or else they try diet pills or a so-called herbal diet supplement, or a so-called ‘fat-burning’ diet. Or else they fast and try to starve

  • Diet and Hunger

    Hunger Keeps Us Fat Many dieters think dieting and hunger go hand in hand. They accept hunger as a normal part of dieting because they think that dieting and weight loss means eating tiny amounts of food. But hunger should never be part of a diet. Because HUNGER KEEPS US FAT. Hunger makes us unhappy.

  • Find a Diet Buddy

    Find a Diet-Buddy Sometimes dieting can be a real pain. That’s when we need a diet buddy to turn to. Someone to remind us about the benefits of losing weight. Someone to help us stick to our diet plan. Many dieters don’t bother with this kind of weight loss support. They try to lose weight

  • Bad Days When Dieting

    Bad Days When Dieting Every dieter has bad days. No disrespect, but if God went on a diet he’d have bad days, too. Our Daily Diet However, no one stays fat because of the occasional binge, or bad day. It’s our daily diet habits that keep us fat. So the next time your diet plan

  • Changing Eating Habits

    Changing Eating Habits In order to lose weight you must swap your bad eating habits for good ones. This also invoves changing your shopping and cooking habits. The key word is “change”. If you don’t want to change, don’t bother trying to lose weight. Do something else, instead. Most dieters are not open to change.



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