• Dieting is Easy

    When trying to lose weight, many dieters tell themselves that dieting is SOOO difficult. But it’s not true. The truth is, dieting is easy. And the more overweight you are, the easier it is. You don’t believe me? Then take this test. The Dieting-is-Easy Test 1. Work out how overweight you are. Let’s assume you’re

  • Alcohol and Dieting

    Can You Drink Alcohol When Dieting In theory, No. Most weight loss diets do not include alcohol. Why not? Because alcohol contains 7 calories per gram – nearly twice the calorie content of carbs or protein (both, 4 calories/gram). In practice, a reasonable amount alcohol is okay when dieting. It won’t disrupt your weight loss

  • Diet Advice for Men

    Why Men Become Overweight In my experience, most men become overweight for 4 reasons. They drink too much They take less exercise than a brick They eat too much red meat They eat too much fast food Weight Loss Advice for Men Be sensible about alcohol. You don’t have to give up Take some regular

  • Get Your Partner to Lose Weight, too

    Get Your Partner to Diet, Too If your partner is overweight, get him/ her to join you on your diet. This always makes dieting easier. You can eat the same food. You can whip each other to do better. You can do aerobics together. You can moan about dieting together. And if you choose a

  • Diet Motivation for Women

    Diet Motivation for Women Because dieting can be a pain in the butt, we women need as many weight loss incentives as possible – e.g. mink bikini, diamond necklace… If you can persuade Mr. Man to cough up the odd diamond in return for your weight loss efforts all well and good. If not, here’s

  • New Moms and Dieting

    New Moms Don’t have to Stay Overweight If you’ve just had a baby, here’s how to regain your figure. Wait a couple of months until your body has fully recovered. Meantime, learn about nutrition and devise a gradual exercise plan. Then follow a healthy low-fat diet – around 1500 calories/day – and take regular exercise.



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