• Lose 2 Pounds of Body Weight a Week

    Lose 2 Pounds a Week Fast weight loss doesn’t really exist. It’s a fantasy created by the weight loss industry. You can lose water-weight quite fast. But you can’t lose fat quickly. Body Not Interested in Weight Loss Point is, your basic body chemistry is at least one million years old. It’s not interested in

  • How to Look Leaner and Slimmer

    How to Look Leaner and Slimmer Never mind diet and exercise. We all know a sensible diet and regular daily exercise makes us look leaner and slimmer. But is there an easier way? YES, THERE IS! Wear Black! Black makes everyone look leaner and slimmer. If you hate black, or if you’re blonde, choose any

  • Laughter Helps to Lose Weight

    Laughter and Weight When we get very overweight, we lose our sense of humor. We get fed up easily. We may even get depressed. Perfectly understandable. After all, it’s not easy to feel happy when you’re carrying a load of excess weight on your body. Laughter Helps Weight Loss There are several psycho-babble-type studies which

  • Is Bread Fattening?

    No. Bread is NOT fattening. Bread is one of the ESSENTIAL FOODS in a healthy weight loss plan. Bread Doesn’t Make us Overweight In 24 years of helping men, women and teenagers to lose weight, I have never met one single dieter who was overweight because they ate too much bread! Truth is, no one

  • Fries or Potatoes Which is Better for your Diet?

    Fries, Potatoes, Diet and Health Lets Compare Baked/boiled Potatoes with French Fries… An average 8oz helping of fries contains roughly 480 calories and at least 13 grams of fat. An 8oz helping of baked/boiled potatoes contains 160 calories and 0 grams of fat. One of these types of potatoes makes you fat. The same one

  • Food Leftovers Can Ruin Your Diet

    We women are traumatized by waste. We can’t throw away leftovers. Result? We eat them and get fat. Girls, it’s time to change! Don’t be bullied by leftovers – especially if you’re on a diet. How to Reduce Food Leftovers Without Eating Them Step 1. Hold plate containing food leftovers, in left hand. Step 2.



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