• Soft Drinks, When Dieting

    Soft Drinks, When Dieting Are regular soft drinks bad when dieting? Usually, Yes. Most fizzy soft drinks are very high in calories as well as refined sugar. We don’t need to drink regular soft drinks, EVER. So why do we? Because billions of advertising dollars tell us to. Even diet soft drinks are not problem

  • Don’t Skip Meals

    Don’t Skip Meals Why not? Because you’ll get hungry. Result? Hunger will crush your willpower to lose weight. And you’ll binge on cookies! Eat Regularly Throughout the Day Don’t go too long without food and don’t skip meals. Ideally, to maintain optimum metabolism, women should eat something about every 3 hours. Men should eat at

  • The Real Secret of Weight Loss

    The Real Secret of Weight Loss Eat good food and get active! This is the real secret of weight loss. Good Food for Lasting Weight Loss I don’t mean “diet food”. I don’t mean “lentil soup” and “bran”. I mean ordinary, good food. Examples Fresh fruit, vegetables, beans, wholegrain cereal, whole wheat bread, potatoes, rice,

  • Reduce Fat Thighs – The Truth

    Reducing Fat Thighs According to most weight loss surveys, a regular 80 percent of women aged 25-50 think their thighs and butt are too fat. No wonder we are so vulnerable to weight loss products that claim to be able to reduce fat on our lower half. Unfortunately, most of the claims made by these

  • Party Finger Food When Dieting

    Party Finger Food When Dieting When going to a party, be prepared for temptation. Party finger food is fun, usually very fattening and always tempting. So if you are trying to lose weight, don’t arrive with an empty stomach and your tongue hanging out! This is a recipe for a weight loss disaster. My Advice

  • If you’re an overweight teenager…

    If You’re a Teenager and Overweight What do you do when you’re in your teens and overweight? You worry about your body shape. You worry if you look fat in your jeans. You hatch plans to lose weight fast. You secretly diet. Or binge. (Or both.) You hunt for the secret of easy weight loss.



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