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  • Visualize Your New Lean Body

    According to many psycho-babble weight loss experts, we find it easier to lose weight when we can ‘see’ it, or visualize it. I agree! Losing weight is definitely easier when you have a clear view of how you look when you have achieved your long term weight loss goal. How to Visualize Yourself As a

  • TV and Weight Control

    TV Does Not Help Weight Loss Watching TV does not help us to lose weight. On the contrary, when we watch TV… We see commercials for fattening food. We continually raid the fridge for high calorie snacks. We sit on our butt and strain our eyes. We get fat, lazy and unfit. We go to

  • Avoid Trigger Foods When Dieting

    Trigger Foods Keep Us Fat Each of us has our own high calorie trigger foods. The sort we can’t stop eating. The sort that keep us fat. How to Deal With Trigger Foods When Dieting You have 2 basic options: Exclude all high calorie trigger foods from your shopping list This is brutal but highly

  • Diet Advice for Teenagers

    Forget about low-calorie diets. Forget about diet pills. Forget about all the stupid single-food type diets. Forget about fad diets. Forget about fat-burners. Forget about fasting. Forget about fast weight loss. None of these things work. They simply waste your precious time. If someone had invented a foolproof, quick-fix diet method, then we’d all know

  • Soft Drinks, When Dieting

    Soft Drinks, When Dieting Are regular soft drinks bad when dieting? Usually, Yes. Most fizzy soft drinks are very high in calories as well as refined sugar. We don’t need to drink regular soft drinks, EVER. So why do we? Because billions of advertising dollars tell us to. Even diet soft drinks are not problem

  • Don’t Skip Meals

    Don’t Skip Meals Why not? Because you’ll get hungry. Result? Hunger will crush your willpower to lose weight. And you’ll binge on cookies! Eat Regularly Throughout the Day Don’t go too long without food and don’t skip meals. Ideally, to maintain optimum metabolism, women should eat something about every 3 hours. Men should eat at



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