• Weight Loss Expert and Nutritionist

    For Personal Support Every Step of The Way I’ve been helping people to lose weight for nearly 25 years. What’s my secret? Two things. Healthy food, and personal support. My program has 9 GREAT diet plans covering all tastes and all conditions – but FOOD is only half the solution. The other half is motivation

  • Weight Loss Success Stories Juliette

    JULIETTE Juliette reduced her weight from 172 pounds to 127 pounds. Read What Juliette Says I have lost weight before but I always regained it. This time, with 45 pounds to lose, I wanted to be able to maintain my weight loss and Rightshape program seemed to be the most sensible way of achieving this.

  • Weight Loss Program Photo Album

    RENE Rene is 36 and has lost 35 pounds of weight dropping from a size 16 to a size 8. Read What Rene Says “August 2004 I was at my heaviest, wearing a size 16 at 5’2″. Then I came across Rightshape weight loss program and haven’t looked back! Her program is great! I particularly

  • Weight Loss before after pictures

    COLETTE Colette has lost 60 pounds in the last 7 months. She has 25 more to go to reach her weight loss goal. Read What Colette Says “I hit 221 pounds in August 2005. I was fed up with being tired all the time, of feeling constant fear of possible future illness, of only being

  • Weight Loss Before After Photos

    MELISSA Melissa is 40, has lost 150 pounds over 2.5 years and is now working on her last 15 pounds. Read What Melissa Says “I’ve tried on and off my whole life to lose weight, and while I managed to lose some, it wasn’t until I signed up for Ann weight loss program that I

  • Pictures of Weight losers

    KATHY Kathy, aged 42, has lost 40 pounds so far, with 5 to go to her goal weight. Has been on the program for 6 months. Read What Kathy Says “While no one should judge themselves by the number on their weighing scales, it’s a fact that we all do. Those who tell you they



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