• Raspberries

    Diet Nutrition Raspberries are an excellent source of vitamin C, the antioxidant vitamin, and a good source of the soluble fiber pectin which helps the body to eliminate cholesterol and environmental toxins. Raspberries also contain calcium, iron, magnesium and potassium, and are good for the digestion, from mouth to colon. Calories in Raspberries: 1 cup

  • Raisins

    Diet Nutrition Raisins are dried grapes. They are rich in nutrition but extremely high in calories. One cup of raisins is the calorie equivalent of eight cups of fresh grapes. Raisins are a good source of iron, potassium and selenium and also contain vitamin A and some vitamin B. Raisins are also rich in fiber.

  • Prunes

    Diet Nutrition Prunes are dried plums which are specially grown for this purpose. Prunes are rich in iron and potassium. They are high in fiber and contain modest amounts of vitamin A, vitamin B3 and vitamin B6. Prunes are a valuable food for anyone suffering from high blood pressure and make an ideal laxative. Calories

  • Potatoes

    Diet Nutrition Potatoes are an excellent food especially for people on weight loss diets. High in complex carbohydrates, potatoes fill us up long before they make us fat. It is only when we add fat to them – in the form of butter, cheese or cream – that we turn them into a fattening food.

  • Plums

    Diet Nutrition Plums are a good source of potassium. They also contain some vitamin A and vitamin E. They are considered to be good for the circulation and help combat fluid retention. Calories in Plums: 20 calories per average plum

  • Pineapple

    Diet Nutrition Pineapple is high in fiber and contains modest amounts of vitamin C, potassium and a unique digestive enzyme called bromelain. In addition, pineapple contains other micro-nutrients which some experts believe help protect against cancer and also disperse blood clots for increased heart protection. Calories in Pineapple: 1 cup diced fresh pineapple = 76



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