• Weight Reduction By Breast-feeding Moms

    Weight Loss While Breast-Feeding Moderate Weight Loss OK for Overweight Moms Who Breast Feed Overweight mothers who breast feed their infants may lose weight through a sensible diet and exercise program – without fear of harming their infants – a study by NICHD-funded researchers has found. “Being overweight may cause serious health problems,” said NICHD

  • Weight & Birth Defects

    New Report Links Birth Defects, Premature Birth To Being Overweight Before Pregnancy Birth defects, premature birth, and other severe health problems in tomorrow’s babies are linked to the soaring rates of obesity among women of childbearing age, according to a new report released here today by the March of Dimes Task Force on Nutrition and

  • Vitamins & Diet Supplements

    Vitamins and Dietary Supplements – UK Trends Instead of concentrating solely on limiting their consumption of unhealthy foods, consumers continue to make efforts to increase their consumption of foods with added health promoting benefits including vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals. This shift from a more restrictive approach to a more proactive strategy accelerated over the past

  • Vitamin C Health Risks

    Vitamin C Supplements – Are there risks? Several weeks ago, study results were announced that challenged a lot of common medical advice. Doctors in California said that vitamin C supplements may increase the risk of arterial disease. For years, vitamin C, a powerful antioxidant, was recommended for fighting off heart disease, cancer and a variety

  • UK Advice on Vegetarian Diets

    Vegetarian Diets There are estimated to be up to 7 million people in the UK who consider themselves to be vegetarians. The trend was set by young women, who are still 3 times more likely to be vegetarian than the national average. But today increasing numbers of older women and men are following in their

  • Healthy Balanced Vegetarian Diet

    A Balanced Vegetarian Diet A low-fat vegetarian diet can be good for your heart, but make sure you’re getting the nutrition you need. While nutrition experts recognize that a well-balanced vegetarian diet can have health benefits, the Institute of Medicine, composed of U.S. doctors elected to the prestigious group, reports that people who don’t eat



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