• Dangers of High Protein Diets

    Dangers of High Protein Diets Dieters have been buying high-protein diets all across America, Britain and the rest of Europe, over the past several years. These high protein diet plans promise easy, fast weight loss, but do they deliver? Answer: No. Instead of helping weight control, high-protein diets can be unhealthy, and tests show they

  • Eggs & Cholesterol

    Eggs okay in diets? Go ahead and enjoy eggs again (as many as seven a week) without hurting your heart. The secret? Since one large egg has about 210 mg of cholesterol – almost three-quarters of the 300-mg daily limit set by the American Heart Association (AHA) – you need to pair eggs with low-cholesterol

  • Weight Gain in Marriage

    Weight Gain in Marriage In a study by Weight Watchers in America of 25,000 married women, those who claimed to be in an unhappy relationship gained an average of 54 pounds during the first 10 years of marriage. Although the motivation for this added weight remains unclear, according to researchers such weight gain may create

  • Do Carbs Make You Fat?

    Do Carbs make you fat? Answer: No. Carbohydrates do not make you fat. Too many calories make you fat! What matters in weight loss isn’t carbohydrates, but calories. Getting a high percentage of your calories from carbohydrate doesn’t make you fat, because weight depends only on how many calories you take in relative to how

  • Lower Calories & Weight Loss

    Will You Lose Weight Faster by Eating Only a Few Calories? Answer: No. Weight loss doesn’t become faster or easier just by eating a few calories. Your body doesn’t work like that. If you eat a lot fewer calories than your body requires, your body goes into famine mode. Your body thinks: “Help! No food!

  • Diet, Bananas & Strokes

    More bananas in your diet may lead to fewer strokes Insufficient levels of potassium may put people at a higher risk of strokes, especially if they are taking diuretics, researchers report today. If the theory is proven, some people may be able to reduce the danger of strokes by just changing their diets. The study,



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