• Fear Of Food

    Why Are So Many Dieters Afraid Of Food? I see it all the time. Many dieters are terrified of eating. The idea of Thanksgiving, or Christmas, or even a social barbecue, leaves them quivering at the idea of being surrounded by so much temptation. And in many cases, their everyday meals are so small that

  • Holiday Eating Tips

    How To Avoid Overeating And Huge Weight Gain During Holidays Holiday Eating Attitude plays a huge part in whether we stay on our diet or not in normal circumstances, and the same applies to eating during the holiday season. My advice is, forget about “dieting” over the holiday and focus instead on trying to maintain

  • Brief Guide To The Difference Between Appetite And Hunger

    How To Distinguish Appetite From Hunger When I see people face-to-face in my weight loss clinic, one question I ask them is “When is your hungry time?” Invariably, the answer is “I’m never hungry.” This may sound strange coming from someone who is obviously overweight, but I know exactly what they mean. Many of us

  • Dieting Mistake

    What Is The Second Biggest Dieting Mistake? Many dieters are all-or-nothing people. Very often they are high achievers, or at least lead extremely busy lives. They find it difficult to accept failure. They insist on trying to be perfect. Unfortunately, when it comes to losing weight, this type of attitude is asking for trouble. Because

  • Another Cause Of Diet Failure

    Need For Dieting Support God doesn’t make perfect people. He makes humans. And we humans have all sorts of faults and weaknesses and doubts. So we love food with tons of fat and sugar, and we hate exercising, and – above all – we hate dieting. Then comes the day when we step onto our

  • Binge Eating On Saturday Night

    Advice To Reduce Binge Eating Sometimes you can be doing real well on your diet, but then on Saturday night you eat everything in sight that is covered in chocolate. Having this type of binge can be quite upsetting to your new healthy eating plans. So what’s the best way to cope, when you feel



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