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  • High Cholesterol Levels – Definition and Diagnosis

    Cholesterol Is A Type Of Fat Cholesterol is a substance known as a lipid, a type of fat. Most of the body’s supply of cholesterol is produced in the liver, but some is derived from food (eg. eggs and meat). In simple terms, there are two types of cholesterol: a ‘good’ type called high density

  • Cholesterol Risk Assessment

    Elevated cholesterol or hyper cholesterolemia may lead to an increased risk of serious disease (eg. atherosclerosis or clogging of the arteries), which in turn can cause coronary thrombosis (heart attack), strokes, transient ischemic attacks or other serious vascular problems. Borderline High Risk Category If total blood cholesterol is in the range 200-239 mg/dL you are

  • Inherited High Cholesterol

    Inherited Raised Cholesterol A high cholesterol level, a condition known as hypercholesterolemia, is typically caused by a poor diet and lifestyle combined with problems in the body’s ability to regulate lipid levels. But for some individuals (approx 1 in 500 of the population), high serum cholesterol is the result of a specific inherited genetic defect.

  • Cholesterol Treatment Guide

    How Is High Cholesterol Treated? Introduction Medical treatment for high cholesterol (hypercholesterolemia) typically varies according to cholesterol count, age of patient, the presence of secondary disease (eg. atherosclerosis), and the presence of additional risk factors such as family history (eg. familial hypercholesterolemia or family cardiovascular disease). In general, treatment with cholesterol-lowering drugs is required when

  • Guide To Trans Fats (Cholesterol & Heart Disease)

    Trans Fatty Acids Trans fats have been linked to raised blood cholesterol (hypercholesterolemia) and heart disease. According to the latest Dietary Guidelines, consumers are warned to reduce their intake of foods high in this type of fat. How And Why Are Trans Fats Produced? Trans fats (or trans-fatty-acids) are produced when liquid vegetable oils undergo

  • Diet To Reduce High Cholesterol

    Diet For High Cholesterol If you have elevated levels of fats in the blood (hyperlipemia) – eg. if you suffer from raised cholesterol (hypercholesterolemia) (in the upper range 200-239 mg/dL) or high triglycerides (hypertriglyceridemia) (> 200 mg/dL) – your doctor will almost certainly advise you to follow a specific diet plan designed to lower your



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