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  • Being a Vegetarian: a better choice?

    Vegetarian Diets – Personal stories on this dietary life choice My interest is to provide food for thought for those interested in becoming a vegetarian. Cutting meat from the diet can seem a daunting prospect at the beginning but will get easier as time goes on. Ask yourself the question, “What would I miss the

  • Fat-attack – Newsletter/Poems/Articles

    Fat-attack – Newsletter/Poems/Articles

    News Letter We have taken out the section ‘books for sale’ as we have now sold them all. We may be repeating the service some time in the future or at a later date. Thank you for all the interest shown in the books. We all know that eating plenty of fruit and vegetables makes

  • Personal Diet Success Stories

    Susan Eacock, yet to be confirmed, Having been an avid dieter for the last fifteen years I decided to set up a website to help others in the same position as myself. The picture of me was taken a few years ago whilst on holiday in San Francisco. In the picture I was a uk

  • Diet Books

    Diet Books

    Books Diabetic Recipes and Diabetes Cookbooks – Antiquarian, other books speciality in cook books – Fast Food Nation By Eric Schlosser 101 Frequently asked Questions about ‘Health and Fitness’ and ‘Nutrition & Weight Control’ Cedric X Bryant,et al, Exercise Science. Paperback November 1999 101 Ways to stop eating after dinner – Nancy Butcher

  • Menu’s / Diets

    Menu’s / Diets

    Breakfast Menu’s Billy Bacon And Mushroom Omelet 1 rasher of lean back bacon 5 medium size mushrooms 1 large egg 2 teaspoons of skimmed milk 1 teaspoon of sunflower oil or low fat oil Pinch of salt and pepper to taste 1 slice (1 oz/30g) brown whole meal bread Boil mushrooms until tender to taste.

  • Calories Galore

    Calories Galore

    Breakfast and Cereal Cereal Per 1 oz/28g Advantage 99 Bran flakes 90 Bran flakes High Fibre 75 Cornflakes 105 Crunchy with Fruit and Nuts 125 Crunchy Bran 84 Fruitibix 84 Fruit & Fibre 105 Kellogg’s Special K 105 Kellogg’s Sustain 102 Muesli 110 Porridge Oats, dry weight 105 Puffed Rice 100 Puffed Wheat 95 Weetabix