• History Of The Blonde

    by Kathie Rothkop The mystique of the blonde has been eternal with both men and women since the beginning of time. Poems and myths have been written about the golden haired woman. The word blonde comes from the Latin blondus (yellow). It has been recorded throughout history that women have agonized to achieve blonde tresses

  • History of the Beehive

    History of the Beehive

    Hairstyles come and go throughout the decades. Some make a mark in history and others fade into oblivion never to be thought of again. The bouffant surfaced in the late 1950s and started a new trend of styling that will forever be looked back upon with a smile and curiosity. To create these styles, hair

  • Hair and Hairstyles

    In humans hair grows thickest mainly on the head-with the development of body hair on the genitals, underarms, and face (for males) signifying sexual maturity. The reason for hair growing mainly on the head may very well have to do with the evolution of our upright posture on the hot savannahs of Africa as hair

  • Cosmetics, Styles & Beauty Concepts in Iran

    by Massoume Price Use of cosmetics is documented from around 10,000 BC, however the bulk of our information comes from around 3000 BC and from the written records of the ancient Mesopotamian and Egyptian texts and artifacts. These ancient people were a lot more at ease with their body and sexuality compared to the later

  • Beauty and Fashion in Ancient Egypt

    by Michael Sones What was it like to be an Ancient Egyptian woman? Did she worry about how she looked, about her weight, about the first appearance of wrinkles on her skin? Did she diet and compare her figure with her friends? Was she bothered about bad breath and stretch marks? Although her life predates

  • Hair in Ancient Egypt

    by Michael Sones Ancient Egypt was one of the earliest societies we know of in which beauty was important. The archaeological evidence is very good here. Paintings, combs, hairpins, wigs, and romantic poetry all reveal the importance of hair for the ancient Egyptians. Hair was considered sacred and like modern people Egyptians also worried about



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