• Books on Hair

    Bad Hair A collection of hairstyles so bad you can’t look away. Mullets, bouffants, rattails, beehives, bobs gone wrong, and styles so hideous they have no name are just some of the follicular atrocities to have emerged from barber shops and beauty salons over the last thirty years. Here, collected in book form for the

  • Nadeem : An Indian Hairstylist

    Respected Sir, Have you ever seen hair stylist cutting hair with Fire & Blindfolded? Imagined, Stylist burning your hair with fire, and sometimes that too blindfolded? Scary isn’t? but its not like that; its fun, its art, ask me. My name is Nadeem, I work as a Public Relation Officer at one of the leading

  • Nappy Hair

    Nappy Hair

    A Marker of Identity and Difference by Kasey West When I was a little girl, I had long, straight, beautiful brown hair. One day, a hairdresser washed it, brushed it, braided it and cut it. I was shocked and distressed when I looked at myself in the mirror. I saw someone I no longer recognized,

  • Navigating the Politics of Weaves and Extensions

    by Elaine Allen webmaster of Nature Girl-Locks for the Natural Beauty Weaves and extensions are a hot topic – one that incites strong opinions on both sides. There is arguably a stigma associated with weaving and extensions. A stigma that produces shame, incites condemnation, jokes and challenges cultural loyalties. The sociology behind the situation is

  • Hair in the Culture of the 1970s

    Hair in the Culture of the 1970s

    by Michael Sones Two books, one at either end of the decade, stand out as cultural signposts to the spirit of the 1970s. In 1970 Charles Reich, a Yale University Law Professor, published The Greening of America: How the Youth Revolution is Trying to Make America Livable. This book, following on the idealism of the

  • Hair in the 1960’s

    by Michael Sones Fashion has so pushed the boundaries over the last few decades that hair no longer has the social power that it used to have. What would be an outrageous or uniquely different hairstyle these days that would stand out from the crowd? However, in the 1960’s it was different. Hair had power



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