• Beauty Across Cultures

    Beauty Across Cultures

    For Many Muslim Women, Head Scarves A Matter of Personal, Not Political, Conviction From Radio Free Europe, Kathleen Knox: “An item of clothing worn by many Muslim women has become a hot political topic in Europe recently, as France prepares to ban head scarves from public schools, along with other overt religious symbols. There’s been

  • Sublime: New Works by Ling Jian

    Sublime: New Works by Ling Jian

    2003-09-21 until 2003-10-30 Courtyard Gallery – Beijing, CN China In new works, created for his first solo exhibition in China at Beijing’s CourtYard Gallery, Berlin-based artist Ling Jian paints imaginative portraits of “highly evolved human beijngs.” In this latest series of paintings, Ling continues his artistic exploration of the nature of beauty and its relationship

  • Ties that Bind

    Ties that Bind

    by Jennifer Thaney Wang Ping doesn’t wear high heels anymore. She used to, but that was before she wrote “Aching for Beauty,” an exploration of the Chinese practice of footbinding. Now the only thing this Macalester College professor wears on her own feet as she trudges around the St. Paul campus are oversized shoes and

  • Be Beautiful and Carry a Big Stick

    Be Beautiful and Carry a Big Stick

    Physical Attractiveness and the Maasai Aesthetic by Robert Biswas-Diener When I asked Nataana to describe a “perfectly good-looking man,” I was surprised by her answer. Instead of the usual stuff about muscles and pretty eyes, she told me that Mr. Perfect would “have white teeth, be well-dressed, be a respected member of the community, be

  • Beauty under Islam

    Violence during the staging of the 2002 Miss World beauty pageant in Nigeria sharply exposed the incompatibility of the understanding of beauty in the West with that of Muslims under Islam. As the reporter, Gamal Nkrumah, wrote in The Al-Ahram Weekly, “Beauty is only skin deep, but in Nigeria, it has assumed such profoundness that

  • Iran: Generation Gap Widening As Conservatives Try To Enforce Islamic Social Codes

    By Golnaz Esfandiari, Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty It’s hard to have fun in Iran — that is, if you’re one the more than 45 million people under the age of 35 looking for casual ways to socialize with members of the opposite sex. Conservative authorities in the Islamic Republic are taking steps to shut down