• The Aquarium

    Aquariums capture the creatures of the sea bringing us glimpses of an alien habitat. The oceans and sea hold a fascination for us. To be on a beach and watch the waves roll in pounding the surf as they have for countless millennia can induce a reflective state of mind. Is this fascination with the

  • The Wolf

    There is a haunting beauty to the lonely howling of wolves on a northern Ontario night. It is a sound which captures the imagination just as the wolf has captured the imagination of peoples from different cultures down through the millennia. The wolf figures in many myths, legends and folk-tales. Undoubtedly this is because it

  • Jaguar


    (Panthera Onca) (zac-bolay in Mayan) The jaguar is a powerful and beautiful member of the cat family which ranges from northern Argentina to the southern United States. It has a beautiful pelt and is similar to a leopard but is more powerfully built with a deep chest and stocky legs. It both climbs and, unusually

  • Butterfly


    Butterflies are among the most beautiful and enchanting of insects. The metamorphosis of the rather dull, ugly, earthbound larva of the butterfly, the caterpillar, into the delicate flying palette of the adult butterfly has captured the human imagination for millennia. It has served as a metaphor of hope and the longed for spiritual transformation of