Are Carbohydrates Bad for Weight Loss?

Simple carbohydrates are bad for weight loss and weight control. The main example of a simple carbohydrate is sugar. So choose low-sugar foods, (especially low-sugar drinks) and eat more natural foods instead of highly processed food.

Complex carbohydrates are not bad for weight loss. In fact they are very good diet foods. They are medium-calorie food but they fill you up!

This group includes potatoes, rice, pasta, bread, beans, cereals, most vegetables and fruits. These carbs are wonderful for everyone, including dieters. Experts recommend we eat 55-60% of our calories from these carbs.

Note: Don’t ruin carbs by adding fat, like rich sauces, oils, or other high-fat toppings like butter, sour cream, or mayonnaise. These calorie-dense add-ons turn good carbs into diet-killers.

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